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Grass Fences

* Grass fences refer to fences made from natural materials such as dried grass, reeds, or bamboo. These types of fences are often used in gardens and landscapes to create a natural and organic look.
* They can also be used as a barrier to keep animals in or out of a certain area. Grass fences can be woven or tied together, and they may be treated to increase their durability and resistance to weather.
* They can also be left to age naturally and blend in with their surroundings. Overall, grass fences are a eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to traditional fences made from synthetic materials.

Some Work We Have Completed

Are you looking for a premium material for your garden?

garten tal manufacturer
A grass fence, also known as a living fence, is a type of fence made from live plants, typically tall grasses or reeds, that are woven together or trained to grow in a particular way to create a barrier.
Unlike traditional fences made from wood, metal, or plastic, grass fences are organic and blend seamlessly into the natural landscape. They are often used for ornamental purposes, to define boundaries, or to provide privacy and wind protection in gardens and outdoor spaces.
Grass fences are low-maintenance, eco-friendly, and can provide a natural habitat for wildlife. They also help to reduce carbon dioxide levels and increase oxygen levels in the environment.
However, grass fences may not provide as much security as traditional fences, as they can be easily pushed over or cut, and may not be as effective at keeping large animals contained.
Overall, grass fences can add a unique and natural touch to outdoor spaces and provide a sustainable alternative to traditional fences.

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we provide the best materials for you from quality companies like Gartental

We value your garden more than you do. It is important to us that you protect your garden in the best way possible.

Grass Fence features

  • It is economical.
  • It does not wear out over time.
  • Suitable for 4 seasons.
  • Eye gaps are very small and thus the privacy of your living spaces is protected.
  • Produced in different colors.
  • Used in applications such as indoor landscaping or outdoor landscaping (garden landscaping).
  • Used for many years without its color fading. Its useful life is at least 10 years.
  • House with a garden, it eliminates the security problem.
  • It prevents your house from being seen from the outside.
  • There is no maintenance cost.
  • Easy to clean.
  • It does not hold dust.

We work with the best brand

As you can see, we cannot finish by counting the advantages of grass fence. We are proud to present you such an advantageous and quality product.

Non-flammable, non-glare

Jidar fence panels are the Jidar grass and fence dressed in a construction painted with electrostatic oven paint. It is 100% handmade.

UV protected, does not discolor

It can also be used as a barricade if desired.

Special galvanized 1.6 mm x 2 wires are used

Standard dimensions are 100 cm x 200 cm. It can be produced upon request.

garten tal manufacturer


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